Dag Atle Lysne

Head of Department Programme for Teacher Education

+47 73590416 +47 97189556

Background and activities

Project Management Experience

From 2009 until 2012, I have managed NTNU’s program, “Kompetanse i Skolen” (“Competence in School”). Previously, I was involved in a total of eight projects and I was the leader on five of those projects. The largest of these projects terminated in 2012 and was founded by The Norwegian Research Council. In addition, I also led three projects which will help to develop teacher training programs.

Scientific publications

My research has been focused in two different areas. Before 2006, I published papers within the field of Ecology. I had, however, gradually been changing my research focus towards the teaching and learning science.

My research within teaching and learning has focused on how learning of conceptual knowledge in science can be contextualized. A special focus has been put on technology and design and the use of ICT and how to bridge the gap between students’ life both in and outside of school.