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Background and activities

PhD EE Cornell University 1994, IEEE Senior Member 2000

Founder and Director – HPC-Lab, Dept. of Computer & Info. Science NTNU, which started as my research group when I joined NTNU in 2001, and was founded as a lab in 2008. We are now an established research lab in Heterogeneous and Parallel Computing, consisting of myself, several Post Docs, PhD students and Master students as well as both national and international visiting colleagues and scientists who want to learn about and experiment with heterogeneous computing.

  • Currently main advisor for 1-2 Post Doc, 3-4 PhD students, and 2 Master students, and co-supervising three other PhD students (including one at UT Austin).
  • Main advisor for 2+ PhD theses completed: Drs. Thorvald Natvik (2010) and J.C. Meyer (2012), and been co-advisor, opponent etc. for many more
  • Been main advisor for 70+ Master theses, of which over 30 had a GPU focus. See CV for details.


EU Horizon2020 ICT FEIT 2014 Proposal: CloudLightning: Self-Organizing, Self-Managed Heterogeneous Clouds, 

John Morrison, Cork University Collage, Ireland (Coordinator), Anne C Elster (main co-PI) + 5 more partners.  NTNU is largest partner aside from coordinator and receives ca. 16% of the Euro 3.9 million budget.                                                                  

The project is developing self-organization and management of cloud services to enable efficient access to heterogeneous resources. The resources will be exploited to reduce application development efforts. The aim is to make optimizations easier and to simplify service deployment. I lead a work package on characterizing and capturing behavior of several resource co-processor types including: GPUs (Graphics Processing Units),  MICs (e,g, Intel Xeon Phi) , and DFEs (Maxeler FPGA-based DataFlow Engine). Dr. Elster is also the overall project's Quality and Risk Manager


Dr. Elster has been or am the main advisor for 6 PhD students, including Thorvald Natvig (PhD 2010) and Jan Christian Meyer (2012), and have been co-advisor, Opponent and EU evaluator for many more. I have also so far been the main advisor for more than 70 master students at NTNU, over 30 of them on project related to GPU computing.


UT Austin: Algorithms, Data Structures, Operating Systems and Iterative Numerical Methods NTNU: Parallel Computing, Compilers, Operating Systems, + 3 special topics MS/PhD courses

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