Dr. Enrico Riccardi

Researcher Department of Chemistry
+47 94296055
Høgskoleringen 5, Realfagbygget * D3-106

Background and activities

My research activities have been focused on the method development and application of Molecular Dynamics techniques to describe and characterize porous media, biomolecule transport, soft matter materials, fluid-fluid interfaces and solid-fluid inter-phase regions, for which studies have been conducted with a multi-scale perspective. Computations have been performed from a quantum mechanics level resolution and the performed upper scale simulations provided valuable input for continuum models.

The fields in which I adopted the studied techniques, are:
- Adsorbent Porous media;
- Biomolecule adsorption on active porous layers;
- Mechanical description of solid-soft matter interphase; and
- Multi-functional surfactant: inter-phase distribution and micelle formation.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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