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Background and activities

The main area of my research has been different aspects of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The clinical trials I have been involved with made it possible to study

  • the effect of metformin om pregnancy outcomes in PCOS women
  • the placental passage of metformin and pharmacokinetics of metformin
  • hemodynamics and utero-placental circulation in placebo vs metformin exposed mothers and fetuses
  •  steroid hormone, insulin and AMH levels in newborns related to maternal levels
  • Breast development in pregnancy and breast feeding in PCOS and non-PCOS women
  • Possible long-term effects of metformin exposure in utero
  • Pregnancy outcome in twin pregnancies in PCOS women

Other fields of research interest:

Hyperemesis, preterm delivery, breech births, post-term pregnancies and cervical status, breastfeeding and androgen levels, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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