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Background and activities

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

  • Lindgaard, Eva. (2014) Style: A Strait Jacket on Hunters’ Rock Art Research?. Adoranten. vol. 2013.
  • Lindgaard, Eva. (2007) A Petroglyph Site in Nord-Trøndelag. Adoranten.

Part of book/report

  • Peacock, Elizabeth E.; Lindgaard, Eva; Sognnes, Kalle; Sæterhaug, Roar; Turner-Walker, Gordon H. (2014) The Open-Air Rock-Art Site at Leirfall, Central Norway, Within the Context of Northern Scandinavian Rock-Art Conservation and Management Practices Over the Past 50 Years. Open-Air Rock-Art Conservation and Management. State of the Art and Future Perspectives.


  • Lindgaard, Eva; Sognnes, Kalle. (1999) Jegernes bergkunst i et øst-vest perspektiv. En analyse av motiv og stiler i Midt-Norge og Mellan-Norrland. 1999.

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Department of Archaeology and Cultural History Norwegian University of Science and Technology NO-7491 Trondheim Norway