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Background and activities

Fields of interests and present research activities

Frode Seland's research within electrochemistry ranges from fundamental studies of the adsorption and reaction of molecules at electrode surfaces through to development of membrane electrode assemblies for PEM fuel cells. Surface electrochemistry, i.e. how the molecules interact with the surface, plays a central role in his research. The main focus is on the electrooxidation of small organic molecules like formic acid, methanol and ethanol, due to their environmental value (biofuels) and high potential of being a high energy fuel for fuel cells.

The other aspect of Seland's research involves the applied side of fuel cells. Our main activity has been in the field of high temperature PEM fuel cells with focus on PBI (polybenzimidazole) membranes operating up to 200 °C. PBI is a high thermal resistant membrane material that does not depend on water to facilitate proton conduction. At elevated temperatures, the reaction kinetics is improved as well as the tolerance towards CO, which is known to be the main fuel problem at low temperatures.

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