Background and activities

Gabriel Levy is a comparative historian of religion, specializing in Jewish studies. Gabriel Levy is Professor in the Science of Religion at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway, where he teaches on method and theory in the scientific study of religion, middle-eastern religious history with focus on Judaism, and the relation between religion, science, and technology. Gabriel’s research is devoted to the comparative history of religion, with specialty in Jewish studies. Gabriel studies religions from a holistic perspective and looks for ways to integrate the harder sciences into scholarship in the humanities. He studies the ways religious individuals and groups imagine their communicative relations with superhuman agents, and particularly how various technologies of mediation, such as divination and literacy, change the way this relation is organized and embodied. To do this he draws on anthropology, philosophy, and the mind sciences. His most recent book uses insights from biology and the mind sciences to explore the effects of literacy on religious cognition and the origins of Judaism. Gabriel has just begun research for his second book, which will explore the subject of intimacy from a broad historical perspective, but also the ways in which religions, and Judaism in particular, modulate intimacy.


Projects in Progress:

Religion and Behavioral Economy, with Panos Mitkidis

A Comparison of Jewish and Greek love magic, with Corby Kelly

Animals and Religion in light of the Cognitive turn, with Aaron Gross

Dynamics of Intimacy Project, with Miriam Kyselo



- Religion, science and technology in a global society (focus on intimacy)

- Masters (MA), Theoretical Approaches and Philosophy of Science in the Study of Religion

- Masters (MA), Materials and Methods

- Introduction to Religion

- Religions of the Middle East (Judaism)

- Writing Seminar

- Religion and Food Practices

- Religion in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

- Prophecy

- Religion and Film

- Cognitive Approaches to Revelation in Western Religions

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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