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I am an Associate Professor of Modern British history in the Department of Language and Literature at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Before I came to Trondheim, I completed my PhD in History at the University of Cambridge.

I am usually the coordinator of the cultural studies component of the English degree programme at NTNU and I have taught various undergraduate courses on different aspects of modern British history since 2011. I supervise MA dissertations on modern British history and politics (15 of my students have completed their theses since 2012). I was also a founder and the principal organizer of the Twentieth Century History Research Seminar at the Faculty of Humanities during 2015-17.

In 2017-18 I will be on sabbatical leave and my teaching will be significantly reduced because of my involvement in research projects until 2021. But I will continue to provide supervision for MA students from Autumn 2018.


My main research focusses on the history of British politics, intellectual cultures, and media history in the twentieth century. But I am also interested in Scandinavian and European history more broadly. I am now writing a monograph on intellectual cultures of Conservatism in Britain, c.1918-50s, which builds on an article I published in the Historical Journal in 2014. I am also writing a new journal article on right-wing women's political activism.

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