Gunnar Parelius

Vice-dean of Education AB faculty administration

+47 73595096 +47 91381980 Alfred Getz vei 3, Sentralbygg I*365

Background and activities

Formal position

Vice Dean for Education at the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art

Field of competence

  • Teaching in architectural design and planning
  • Aesthetic and semiotic aspects
  • Practical Administration and Governmentality


  • Born in 1951 in Bergen, Norway.
  • Trained as an architect at NTNU, Trondheim in 1978.
  • Practicing architect, research fellow, lecturer etc. from 1978-1987
  • From 1987 the head of administration at the Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty Director of the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art from 1989 to 2013
  • Vice Dean for Education at the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art in 2013

Have since the early 90s represented faculty in several national and international organizations. Among them The council for Professional Education of Architects and Landscapearchitects,Nordic Academy (NAA),The European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) and The European Network of Heads of Schools of Architecture (ENHSA).

I have also been professionally active in a wide range of organizations:

  • ENHSA-EAAE Theory Sub-network
  • EAAE Research Committee
  • The Nordic Association of Architectural Research
  • etc.

Postal address

AB faculty administration Norwegian University of Science and Technology 7491 Trondheim Norway