Inghild Flaate Høyem

Associate Professor Department of Language and Literature
+47 73590961 +47 93606735
Dragvoll, Edvard Bulls veg 1, Bygg 4 * 4401b

Background and activities

I am Associate Professor in German linguistics in the Department of language and literature at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). I did my PhD in German linguistics at the same institution in 2005. In my research, I am interested in modern German syntax and semantics, mainly focussing on German data, but also in comparison to Norwegian or other (related) languages.

I teach German linguistics at all levels within the BA and MA programmes in German. I supervise bachelor's, master's and PhD theses on topics within German grammar and linguistics (morphology, syntax, semantics), but also theses related to the teachers' training  programme, for instance the acquisition of German as a foreign language. Furthermore, I also supervise theses concerning the (linguistics aspects of) translation between German and Norwegian.

Academic interests

  • modern German grammar and linguistic theory
  • modern German syntax (incl. comparative and contrastive syntax mainly focussing on German and Norwegian)
  • the syntax-semantics interface
  • predication and different kinds of small clauses
  • control theory
  • adjuncts/adverbials

Selected research projects

  • German als-predicatives (i.e. non-verbal small clauses headed by the particle als)
  • German adverbial infinitives headed by an(statt), ohne and um
  • adjunct control


  • member of the National Council for German Studies, 2010-
  • leader of the National Council for German Studies, 2016-

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Flaate, Inghild. (2007) Die als-Prädikative im Deutschen. Eine syntaktisch-semantische Analyse. Stauffenburg Verlag. 2007. ISBN 978-3-86057-462-1.

Part of book/report

  • Flaate, Inghild. (2008) (Nicht-)obligatorische Kontrolle, mehrfaches Agree und morphologischer Kasus in deutschen als-Prädikativen. Beiträge zu Sprache und Sprachen 6.
  • Flaate, Inghild. (2004) Deutsche und norwegische als-Prädikative aus kontrastiver Sicht. Zu ihrer Distribution und Interpretation. Beiträge zu Sprache und Sprachen 4. Vorträge der Bochumer Linguistik-Tage.


  • Flaate, Inghild. (2005) Die als-Prädikative im Deutschen. Eine syntaktisch-semantische Analyse. 2005. ISBN 8247171589.
  • Flaate, Inghild. (1998) Einige "als"-Prädikative im Deutschen. 1998.


  • Høyem, Inghild Flaate. (2016) "Adjunct Infinitives in German Headed by (an)statt, ohne and um". Control Workshop 2016 . Forskergruppe ved Humboldt Uni og Stuttgart Uni.; Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. 2016-10-14 - 2016-10-15.
  • Høyem, Inghild Flaate. (2016) "Adjunktkontrolle in adverbialen Infinitiven des Deutschen". Generative Grammatik des Südens 2016 . Institut für Linguistik, Universität Leipzig; Leipzig. 2016-10-20 - 2016-10-22.
  • Høyem, Inghild Flaate; Brodahl, Kristin Klubbo. (2016) "Adverbiale Partizipialkonstruktionen im Deutschen". 24. internationale GeSuS-Fachtagung . Masaryk-Universität; Brno. 2016-06-22 - 2016-06-24.
  • Høyem, Inghild Flaate; Eide, Kristin Melum; Takamine, Kaori. (2011) Adverbielle småsetninger i norsk, tysk og japansk. Møte Om Norsk Språk (MONS 14) . Universitetet i Tromsø; Tromsø. 2011-11-24 - 2011-11-26.