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Positions (current): Professor in Forensic Medicine at NTNU, Senior Consultant in Surgical Pathology at St. Olavs Hospital - Trondheim University Hospital. 

Education: MD, PhD and certified surgical pathologist.

Former workplaces: MD and PhD at Artic University of Norway (University of Tromsø). Surgical Pathologist and Forensic Pathologist at the University Hospital of Northern Norway, Oslo University Hospital (former National Hospital) and the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Oslo (now Division of Forensic Medicine and Drug Abuse Research at The Norwegian Institute of Public Health).

Teaching: General and systemic pathology, forensic pathology and legal medicine in the medical curriculum. In addition students from high schools and different post graduate groups.

Lectures: About 100 lectures abroad and domestic, mainly on topics in forensic pathology and telepathology. 

Awards and nominations: 1. Nominated to the Best Teacher Award at the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU in 2008. 2. The Department of Morphology (six professors) was awarded the SINTEF price for outstanding teaching by NTNU in 2007 for the Course in General Pathology. The course was initiated and drafted by Nordrum when the curriculum was revised in 2003. 3. The Telenor Nordic Research Prize 1999 was awarded "The Telepathology Group" (Tor J. Eide, Bjørn Engum, Ivar Nordrum, Birger J. Nymo and Eivind Rinde).

Work abroad: 1. Lecturer at Kathmandu University and Dhulikhel Hospital in Nepal from February 9 to February 20 in 2009. 2. Forensic pathologist. DVI-team Norway. Tsunami disaster in Pukhet inThailand. May 2005. 3. Visiting doctor at Office of Chief Medical Examiner, Manhattan, City of New York. April 2005 (5 weeks). 4. Mortuary team member in Bosnia August/September 2000 (2 weeks). Employed by ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia), United Nations.

Leadership: Current : 1. Head of the Committee for renewing the Medical Curriculum at DMF-NTNU. 2. Member, Faculty Board, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU. 3. Head, Medical Museum, the Knowledge Centre, St. Olavs Hospital - Trondheim University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU. 4. Member, Working Group on the Autopsy, Norwegian Association of Pathology. 5. Member of the Norwegian Board of Forensic Medicine. 6. Member of the National Disaster Victim Identification Team. Some former: 1. Head of the Teaching Group in Surgical Pathology and Forensic Medicine. Faculty of Medicine, NTNU. 2. Main spokesman for the Association of Physicians in Academic Positions at the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU. 3. Head of the Unit of Morphology, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU. 4. Head of the Quality Assurance Committee in the Norwegian Association of Pathology. 5. Head of the SNOMED Committee in the Norwegian Association of Pathology. 6. Vice Chairman. The Norwegian Association of Pathology. 

Leisure activities: Playing baritone saxophone in symphonic band and saxophone quartet, and spending time at my mountain home.


Publications: (If searching PubMed use: Nordrum I)

Selected studies:

1. Frost J, Vege Å, Slørdal L, Nordrum IS. Forensic autopsies in a naturalistic setting in Norway: autopsy frequencies and toxicological findings. Forensic Sci Int 2012;223:353-8.

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6. Lillebo B, Dybdahl JA, Nordrum IS. Biopsi ved normal koloskopi [Biopsies of the endoscopically normal colon]. Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen 2007;127:571-3.

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8. Nordrum I, Johansen M, Amin A, Isaksen V, Ludvigsen JA. Diagnostic accuracy of second opinion diagnoses based on still images. Hum Pathol 2004;35:129-35 (Commentary by Cramer SF in Hum Pathol 2004;35:904).

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Journal publications


  • Nordrum, Ivar Skjåk. (2010) Utfylling av legeerklæring om dødsfall / melding om unaturlig død. I: Rognum O, red: Lærebok i rettsmedisin. Oslo: Gyldendal Akademisk, 2010: 112-4. Gyldendal Akademisk. 2010. ISBN 978-82-05-33497-7.
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Part of book/report

  • Nordrum, Ivar Skjåk. (2005) Transportation Injury - Motor Vehicle. Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine.
  • Nordrum, Ivar Skjåk; Slørdal, Lars. (2004) Alkohol. Nordisk Lærebok Retsmedicin.

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