Jørgen Jensehaugen

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Dragvoll, Edvard Bulls veg 1, Bygg 6 * 6547

Background and activities


Research interests:

Third party diplomacy vs. direct negotiations: For my Master's Thesis I investigated the diplomacy that took place between Transjordan and Israel after the first Arab-Israeli War. This diplomacy had two forms. At Rhodes the two parties negotiated through the UN and acting mediator Ralph Bunche. Simultaneously the parties negotiated directly, in secret, in various locations. Together these two tracks of diplomacy resulted in the 1949 armistice treaty between Israel and Jordan. This research was based primarily on British archival material and the diaries of Ralph Bunche. Later this research was expanded using US, UN and Israeli archives.

Palestinian (non-)participation in peace processes: Although the Arab-Israeli conflict is Israeli-Palestinian at its core, the Palestinians themselves did not participate in any negotiations prior to the Madrid process in the early 1990's. My current PhD project investigates this issue, looking specifically at the Middle East diplomacy under US President Jimmy Carter. Initially the Carter administration aimed for a comprehensive Middle East peace, including the Palestinians, but the end result was the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, which did not include the Palestinians nor any other Arab state. What explains this shift?  

Nationalism and state-building: At its core the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of conflicting nationalisms – Zionism and Palestinian nationalism. Through previous research projects I have investigated both these strands of nationalism and looked and how one of them – Zionism – was able to transform itself from being a non-state actor (the Zionist movement) into becoming an internationally accepted state, whilst the other – Palestinian nationalism – has thus far failed in gaining statehood, despite have a similar representative movement in the PLO.    

Fall 2014 I lecture/teach in the following subjects at NTNU: HIST1250: Modern history since 1850 and HIST2625: Nationalism and democracy.

Publications in CRISTIN

Peer-reviewed articles:

“Blueprint for Arab-Israeli Peace? President Carter and the Brookings Report”Diplomacy and Statecraft, 25(3), 2014, 492-508.

Marte Heian-Engdal, Jørgen Jensehaugen & Hilde Henriksen Waage: "‘Finishing the Enterprise': Israel's Admission to the United Nations", The International History Review, 35(3), 2013, 465-485.

Jørgen Jensehaugen & Anja Sletteland: ”Betingelsesløs fred: Forhandlinger i forkledning” [Peace without preconditions: Negotiations in disguise], Babylon, nordisk tidsskrift for midtøstenstudier 11(1), 2013, 62-75

Jørgen Jensehaugen, Marte Heian-Engdal & Hilde Henriksen Waage: "Securing the State: From Zionist Ideology to Israeli Statehood", Diplomacy and Statecraft, 23(2), 280-303.

Jørgen Jensehaugen & Hilde Henriksen Waage: "Coercive Diplomacy: Israel, Transjordan and the UN – A Triangular Drama Revisited", British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 39(1), 79-100.

"Flyktningnasjonalisme: Fra Nakba til PLO" [Refugee Nationalism: From the Nakba to the PLO], Babylon, nordisk tidsskrift for midtøstenstudier 7(2), 2009.


2013 Babylon-prize for best article by a young researcher, for the article Jørgen Jensehaugen & Anja Sletteland: ”Betingelsesløs fred: Forhandlinger i forkledning” [Peace without preconditions: Negotiations in disguise], Babylon, nordisk tidsskrift for midtøstenstudier 11(1), 2013, 62-75.

Other articles:

"Når blir massevold politisk? – 1948 og den palestinske katastrofen" [When does Mass Violence become Political? – 1948 and the Palestinian Catastrophe], Etter Lemkin, Tidsskrift for studier av folkemord og politisk massevold, 2/2009.

"Al-Nakba: Eksistensiell Historieskriving" [Al-Nakba: Existential Historiography], Babylon,nordisk tidsskrift for midtøstenstudier 6(2), 2008.

"Friendship Re-animated: The Israeli-Transjordanian Armistice Negotiations 1948-1949", MA-thesis at UiO/PRIO, 2008.

"Hvor ble det av Palestina?" [What happened to Palestine], Fortid, 3/2008.

"Historieskrivning som politikk i Israel-Palestinakonflikten" [History as Politics in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict], Fortid, 1/2008.

"Hvordan staver man apartheid? O-S-L-O. En analyse av Oslo-prosessen i lys av Edward W. Saids utspill" [How do you Spell Apartheid? O-S-L-O. An Analysis of the Oslo Process in light of Edward W. Said's Reaction], Fortid, 3/2006.

Book reviews:

"Bokomtale:Krig og fred i det lange 20. århundre" [Book review: War and peave in the long 20. century], Historisk tidsskrift 94(1), 2015, ss. 145-149.

50+ booknotes in Journal of Peace Research, 2008-2015.

19 book and film reviews in Babylon, nordisk tidsskrift for midtøstenstudier, 2008-2014.

"Bokomtale: Drømmen om det fulkomne samfunn" [Book review: Dreaming of the Complete Society], Salongen.no, 20.12.2010.

"Savnets poesi fra eksilets poet" [The poetry of longing from the poet of exile], Minerva, 2.12.2009.

"Ulven tar av seg fåreklærne" [Dr Jekyll Shows his Hyde], Palestinabladet, 3/2009.

"Viktige Nakbastemmer – tung teori" [Important Voices of the Nakba – Cumbersome Theory], Palestinabladet, 1/2008.

"Et hint av apartheid" [A Hint of Apartheid], Palestinabladet, 1/2007.

"Poetisk sameksistens" [Poetic Co-existence], Palestinabladet, 4/2006.

"Vanunu – Hans kamp og kampen for ham" [Vanunu – His Struggle and the Struggle for him], Palestinabladet, 4/2005.

Other publications:

"Israels fødsel, palestinernes katastrofe" [Israel's birth, the Palestinian catastrophe], Norsk Folkehjelp og Fagforbundet: Palestinerne: Frihetskampen fortsetter, 2011.

"Norge i endring" [A changing Norway], Norsk Folkehjelp og Fagforbundet: Palestinerne: Frihetskampen fortsetter, 2011.

"Misbrukte muligheter" [Abused possibilities], Dagsavisen, 20.06.2011.

"Avkledde palestinere" [Palestinians revealed], Dagsavisen, 27.01.2011.

"Palestinsk ettergivenhet, israelsk arroganse" [Palestinian appeasement, Israeli arrogance], Dagsavisen – nyemeninger.no, 25.01.2011.

"USA og Jerusalem – en tvetydig affære" [USA and Jerusalem – a dubious affair],Palestinabladet, 1/2, 2010.

"Krig mot nødhjelp" [War on emergency aid], Dagsavisen, 01.06.2010.

"Freden lider" [The Peace suffers], Dagsavisen, 18.05.2010.

"Abbas: Offer for fredsprisen" [Abbas: A Victim of the Peace Prize], Dagsavisen, 23.11.2009.

"Påstått isfront – Hva ligger i motsetningene mellom Obama og Netanyahu?" ["Cold Front" – What does the face-off between Obama and Netanyahu imply?], Palestinabladet, 1/2009.

"Historieskrivning som politikk" [Historiography as politics], Klassekampen, 27.01.2009.

"Hva er det med Gaza?" [What is it with Gaza?], Palestinabladet, 2/2008.

"Israels verste venn" [Israel's Worst Friend], Aftenposten, 25.09.2008.

"Radikal Mytedannelse" [Radical Mythology], Morgenbladet, 25.04.2008.

"Israel: - En Apartheidstat?" [Israel: An Apartheid State?], Rødt Press, 1/2008.

"Det andre Midtøsten" [The Other Middle East], Dagbladet, 02.06.2007.


Area consultant in Store Norske Leksikon.

Member of Oslo Contemporary International History Network (OCIHN)

Participant in Research School in Peace and Conflict

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