Linn Okkenhaug Getz

Professor Department of Public Health and General Practice

+47 73597581 +47 41439473
Håkon Jarls gate 11, Øya Helsehus * 153.03.027

Background and activities

Professor in Behavioural Sciences in Medicine (Bio-Psycho-Social medicine), ISM. Researcher at the Research Unit for Generel Practice

I am MD, PhD, Professor in Behavioural Sciences in Medicine (corresponding to Bio-Psycho-Social medicine) and Senior researcher at the General Practice Research Unit, Department of Public Health and General Practice, NTNU. I have extensive clinical background from general practice, psychiatry and occupational medicine in Norway and Iceland.  Reykjavik.

LG is born and educated in Norway and has lived in Iceland 1996-2013. Moved to Trondheim 2014. She started out in Norwegian general practice where she became involved in ideology development and research. In Iceland, she has worked with psychiatry and occupational medicine, whilst continuing to cooperate with Norwegian GP colleagues. Her Ph.D. thesis “Sustainable and responsible preventive medicine” (2006) focuses on ethical dilemmas related to implementation of preventive, clinical guidelines. She has later devotes considerable time and thought to the rapidly increasing body of evidence which links human existential experience to biological function and disease development. Currently Linn is involved in research related to Systems biology for general practice, Multimorbidity (studies based on the HUNT database), and What does it mean to encounter the patient as a person. Linn has lectured extensively in the Nordic countries, and also been a keynote speaker at WONCA Europe and the RCGP in the UK.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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