Background and activities

I am professor in Science and Technology Studies at Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, NTNU. I have a master and Phd in sociology from NTNU (1992 and 1998). Since 2005 I have been head of the department.

Reseach interest: 

  • Technology and everyday life

  • RRI
  • Energy consumption

  • Welfare technology

  • Climate, energy and buildings

  • Energymarkets

I am currently involved in these projects/research groups:

  • NTNU Biotechnology "Responsible Research and Innovation"
  • Policy Learning (Censes/NFR)
  • Posthuman perspectives on welfare technology (HF, NTNU)
  • Crafting Climate (NFR)
  • Zero emissions buildings (ZEB/NFR)



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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