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Background and activities




Gender, assisted reproductive technologies (ART), medical imaging, ICT, globalization



Inside Out. New Images and Imaginations of the Body (NFR/KULVER Cultural Values 2010-2014)

Reproductive Relations. Production of Gendered Meaning in the Field of Reproduction (NFR/Gender Research Programme 2009-2012) 

The Social meaning of Children. Fertility, Gender and Social Class (NFR/FRISAM 2010-2012) 

 Globalization and Marginalization: Norwegian Companies in China (NTNU tverrfaglige satsinger 2003-2009)

Perceptions of Gender, Genes and Reproduction (NFR/ELSA 2002-2008)



Merete Lie and Ragnhild Lund: Renegotiating Local Values. Working Women and Foreign Industry in Malaysia. London: Curzon 1993

Lie M and KH Sørensen (eds): Making technology our own? Domesticating technology into everyday life, Oslo: Scandinavian University Press 1996

Lie, M (ed): He, She & IT revisited. New Perspectives on Gender in the Information Society. Oslo: Gyldendal Akademisk (
Se bilde av forsiden)

 Lie, M, R Lund and G H Hansen (eds) Making it in China, Høyskoleforlaget/Norwegian Academic Press 2008

Ellingsæter, A L, A-M Jensen and M Lie (eds) 2013 The Social Meaning of Children and Fertility Change in Europe. London: Routledge 




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