Olav Sletvold

Professor II Department of Neuroscience

+47 72575543 +47 91567834
Harald Hardrådes gate 5, Nevrosenteret * 135.06060

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  • Lærum, Ole Didrik; Lund-Johansen, F.; Sletvold, O.; Småland, Rune. (1991) Cell kinetics of hemopoiesis. Flow cytometry in hematology: Analytical Cytology Series.
  • Småland, Rune; Lote, K.; Sletvold, O.; Bjerknes, Robert; Aakvaag, A.; Vollset, Stein Emil; Lærum, Ole Didrik. (1991) Circadian stage dependent variation of cortisol related to DNA synthesis in human bone marrow. Ann NY Acac Sci.



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  • Sommervoll, Yngve; Sletvold, Olav; Helbostad, Jorunn L.; Vereijken, Beatrix. (2012) Walking forward while counting backward: Increased variability in temporal but not spatial gait variables for elderly slow walkers. Joint World Congress of ISPGR and Gait & Mental Function . International society of posture and gait; Trondheim. 2012-06-24 - 2012-06-28.
  • Sommervoll, Yngve; Sletvold, Olav; Vereijken, Beatrix; Helbostad, Jorunn L.. (2012) Older persons decrease gait speed at fast and dual task walking but do not increase gait variability over a one year period. Joint World Congress of ISPGR and Gait & Mental Function . International society of posture and gait; Trondheim. 2012-06-24 - 2012-06-28.
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  • Helbostad, Jorunn L.; Sletvold, Olav. (2010) Forskning helt på kanten. Pulsen [Avis]. 2010-03-15.