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Journal publications

  • Matusiak, Barbara; Aschehoug, Øyvind. (2002) Algorithms for calculation of daylight factors in streets. Lighting Research and Technology. vol. 34.
  • Aschehoug, Øyvind. (2000) PV system integrated in a double facade. CADDET Renewable Energy Newsletter.
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Part of book/report

  • Gustavsen, Arild; Thue, Jan Vincent; Aschehoug, Øyvind. (2007) Vinduer. Enøk i bygninger - Effektiv energibruk, 3.utgave.
  • Wyckmans, Annemie; Aschehoug, Øyvind; Hestnes, Anne Grete. (2007) Intelligent Building Envelopes - Application in the Field of Daylighting. EU Cost C13 Glass and Interactive Building Envelopes. Final Report.
  • Andresen, Inger; Aschehoug, Øyvind. (2005) System Analysis of Smart Facades. Proceedings. Glass in Buildings 2.
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  • Wyckmans, Annemie; Aschehoug, Øyvind; Hestnes, Anne Grete. (2005) The Intelligent Building Envelope - Concept and Qualification. Proceedings. Glass in Buildings 2.
  • Aschehoug, Øyvind; Matusiak, Barbara. (1999) Glazed streets 450 metres long bring daylight deep into a university building, Dragvoll University Center, Trondheim. Daylight performance of buildings.
  • Aschehoug, Øyvind; Matusiak, Barbara. (1999) How to control shading devices? Results of experience in an office complex. Statoil research centre, Trondheim, Norway. Daylight performance of buildings.


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