Gerit Pfuhl

Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Psychology

+47 73597892 Dragvoll, Edvard Bulls veg 1, Bygg 12*12.520A

Background and activities

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert. (2009) Known knowns, known unknowns. On Bayesian brains and corvids' abstract reasoning. 2009. ISBN 978-82-471-1820-7.
  • Pfuhl, Gerit; Berg, Bente Gunnveig. (2007) Physiological and morphological characterization of neurons in higher integration centres of the moth brain. 2007.

Postal address

Department of Psychology Norwegian University of Science and Technology 7491 Trondheim Norway