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Department of Physics Norwegian University of Science and Technology 7491 Trondheim

Randi Holmestad


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Research interests

  • Electron microscopy and spectroscopy (TEM, HREM, EDS, EELS, STEM)
  • Electron diffraction; Quantitative Convergent Beam electron Diffraction (CBED), Electron crystallography
  • Microstructure characterization of inorganic materials, alloys and intermetallics, precipitation in aluminium alloys, hydrogen storage materials, functional oxides, solar cell materials, relationships between micro/nano-structure and properties of materials, bonding
  • Modelling and simulations in materials physics; Solid state calculations


  • TFY4220 Solid state physics, spring 2013
  • FY8102 Electron microscopy and diffraction, Fall 2014


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