Randi Holmestad

Professor Department of Physics

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Høgskoleringen 5, Realfagbygget * D4-153

Background and activities

Holmestad (born in 1967) is a professor at Dept. of Physics NTNU (since 99).

Dr. Holmestad (born in 1967) is professor at Dept. of Physics NTNU (since 99).  She is also an advisor for SINTEF Materials and Chemistry. Degrees: Dr. ing. (PhD) in materials physics, NTH, 1994, Siv. ing (MSc) in technical physics, NTH, 1991. Holmestad's present research interests are focussed on materials physics; transmission electron diffraction and microscopy (TEM), materials microstructure and the relation to macroscopic properties. Ongoing projects are on aluminium alloys, quantitative electron diffraction, hydrogen storage materials, solar cell materials, thermoelectric materials and new functional materials. She has educated 10 PhD students and 48 MSc students, in addition to co-supervision of 4 PhD students. Holmestad has had several sabbaticals abroad, latest 6 months in 2005 and 2012, both at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA. SCOPUS (January 2014): Cited documents = 133, Citations = 1029, h index = 18

She has initiated and been project leader for several externally funded projects over the past fifteen years, funded mainly by the Norwegian Research Council and Hydro Aluminium. The main research projects she have been involved in are Quantitative convergent beam electron diffraction (2000-03), the SUP Micro- and nanostructural materials development (2001-06), the NorLight project Heat treatment fundamentals (2001-07), the Industry initiated project Nucleation control for optimised properties (2007-12), the FRINAT project Fundamental investigations of clustering (2007-11), the Japanese-Norwegian Al-Mg-Si precipitation project (2009-14) and the FRINATEK project Fundamental investigations of precipitation in the solid state with focus on Al-based alloys (2013-17). In addition she has been leader of TEM Gemini Centre (SINTEF, NTNU) 2006, 2008-2013, and leader for a Nordic network within TEM in Nordforsk, NorTEMnet, 2010-2014. She was the project leader of NORTEM, Norwegian Centre of transmission electron microscopy, 2010-2013, a large scale infrastructure project in TEM, from SINTEF, UiO and NTNU (total project 115 MNOK, 2011-20).

Research interests

  • Electron microscopy and spectroscopy (TEM, HREM, EDS, EELS, STEM)
  • Electron diffraction; Quantitative Convergent Beam electron Diffraction (CBED), Electron crystallography
  • Microstructure characterization of inorganic materials, alloys and intermetallics, precipitation in aluminium alloys, hydrogen storage materials, functional oxides, solar cell materials, relationships between micro/nano-structure and properties of materials, bonding
  • Modelling and simulations in materials physics; Solid state calculations


  • TFY4220 Solid state physics, spring 2015
  • FY8102 Electron microscopy and diffraction, Fall 2016


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