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  • Evensen, Kristoffer; Sangesland, Sigbjørn; Johansen, Ståle Emil; Raknes, Espen Birger; Arntsen, Børge. (2014) Relief Well Drilling Using Surface Seismic While Drilling. IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition, Texas, USA, 4-6 March 2014 - Conference Proceedings.
  • Rasmussen, Olve; Sangesland, Sigbjørn. (2007) Evaluation of MPD methods for compensation of surge and swab pressures in floating drilling operations. IADC/SPE Managed Pressure Drilling and Underbalanced Operations Conference and Exhibition, 28-29 March 2007 - Galvesteon, Texas, USA (CD).
  • Fossli, Børre; Sangesland, Sigbjørn; Rasmussen, Olve; Skalle, Pål. (2006) Managed Pressure Drilling; Techniques and Options for Improving Efficiency, Operability and Well Safety in Subsea TTRD. 2006 Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas, USA, 1-4-May 2006. Proceedings. (Elektronisk ressurs).


  • Echtermeyer, Andreas; Emdal, Arnfinn; Grønli, Morten; Hakvåg, Jan Terje; Jacobsen, Terje; Nordal, Steinar; Sangesland, Sigbjørn; Simonsen, Anne Karoline; Steen, Sverre; Sørby, Knut. (2013) Rapport fra Laboratorieutvalget 2012/2013. Fakultet for ingeniørvitenskap og teknologi. 2013.
  • Torgergsen, Hans-Emil Bensnes; Haga, Hilde Brandanger; Sangesland, Sigbjørn; Aadnøy, Bernt Sigve; Sæbø, Jan; Johnsen, Ståle; Rausand, Marvin; Lundeteigen, Mary Ann. (2012) An Introduction to Well Integrity. 2012.
  • Sangesland, Sigbjørn; Akselsen, O.M.; Herfjord, Hans J.; Ramsland, A.R.. (1999) Junction sealing technology - Phase I. 1999. IPT 01/99/SS.

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