Torbjørn Kristian Nielsen

Professor Department of Energy and Process Engineering

+47 73593572 +47 91897572
Alfred Getz vei 4, Vannkraftlaboratoriet * 2. etg, 24

Background and activities

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Journal publications

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  • Nocente, Alessandro; Arslan, Tufan; Nielsen, Torbjørn Kristian. (2015) Numerical Prediction of a Multistage Centrifugal Pump Performance With Stationary and Moving Mesh. ASME 2015 Power Conference collocated with the ASME 2015 9th International Conference on Energy Sustainability, the ASME 2015 13th International Conference on Fuel Cell Science, Engineering and Technology, and the ASME 2015 Nuclear Forum.
  • Nocente, Alessandro; Arslan, Tufan; Nielsen, Torbjørn Kristian. (2015) Numerical Simulation of Flow inside Centrifugal Pump by two different Solvers. Proceedings of MekIT'15 Eighth National Conference on Computational Mechanics.
  • Harby, Atle; Sauterleute, Julian; Korpås, Magnus; Killingtveit, Ånund; Solvang, Eivind; Nielsen, Torbjørn Kristian. (2013) Pumped Storage Hydropower. Transition to Renewable Energy Systems.
  • Nielsen, Torbjørn Kristian. (2013) Hydropower and pumped storage. Handbook of Energy.