Wenche Aarseth

Associate Professor Department of Production and Quality Engineering

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S P Andersens v 5, Valgrinda * 2.354

Background and activities

About Wenche Aarseth

  • Associate Professor NTNU
  • PhD. in Project Management - 2012
  • Master of Management - 2002
Wenche Aarseth has a PhD. in Project Management, expertise on Global Projects and works as an associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU in Trondheim Norway. She has worked as a researcher for several years for SINTEF and NTNU, particularly with project and relationship management issues in traditional and global projects.
Academic interests include
- Project Management, Cooperation and Relationship management
- Global Project Management
- Communication and stakeholder management
- Media and external communication: Pr, crisis, ethics, corporate social responsibility: Reputation management
- Inter-organisational collaborations
- Interface problems and solutions
- Relationship marketing
- Performance management
She lectures and performs examinations at NTNU in these areas.
Her international experience comes from managing collaborations between NTNU, University of Calgary in Canada, and Cranfield School of Management in England and today she collaborates closely with University of California, Berkeley, USA.
Aarseth has over 15 years of work experience in close cooperation with some of the largest private and public companies in Norway within the oil and gas industry, building and construction industry and financial industry; Statoil, Aker Solutions, DnB NOR, Focus Bank and Statsbygg.





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Journal publications


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