Energy & Petroleum - Resources & Environment (EPRE)

2006 in review

Some highlights from 2005-2006.

Annual Report 2006 SmartBuild hightlights

  • 9 papers in international journals with referee
  • 32 peer-reviewed articles
  • 2 books
  • 14 presentations at international conferences
  • 98 reports and presentations at national conferences and magazines
  • 5 newconcepts/products for energy-efficient buildings and
  • At least 5 different private companies have adopted new technologies and knowledge developed in the Smartbyggproject
  • Arranged 2-day seminar with Forsvarsbygg (the Armed Forces construction and property management company).

Electric energy and energy systems highlights

  • Secured financial support from the Petromaks KMB program (co-sponsored by NFR and the oil and gas industry) to do three projects within this area.
  • Prepared proposals regarding the following 3 new Energy topics (EU’s 7th Framework programme)

Centre for Renewable Energy highlights

  • Awarded a total of five PhD fellowships from the Research Council, where focus primarily has been on offshore renewableenergy.
  • Educational programs as well as the research activities profiled at Technoport 2005.
  • New projects initiated; such as the granted application within deep sea offshore wind turbine technology.
  • Strengthened international cooperation, with for example AIST in Japan and the European Renewable Energy Centres Agency (EUREC). SFFE became a member of EUREC in 2006.
  • Arranged a number of seminars and workshops about renewable energy.
  • Improved teaching within renewable energy. This includes the initiation of a new Masters Programme in renewable energy systems in East Africa, funded by NORAD.

Gas Technology Centre highlights

  • Contributed to the BRU-applications for a Centre for Research-based Innovation application for e-field and Integrated Operation s (granted)
  • Organized a number of conferences and seminars has been organised, such as ”The RemoteMonitoring Conference”, “The Third Trondheim Conference on CO2 Capture,Transport and Storage”, “U.S. – Norway Late Summer School” and internal CO2-seminar for NTNU and SINTEF.
  • Initiated new projects; such as withinarctic gas technology.
  • Involved in initiating the national researchprogram GASSMAKS, a new program addressing downstream industrial value creation from natural gas.
  • Awarded a total of five PhD fellowships from the Research Council, where focusprimarily has been on membranes andcombustion.
  • The Gas Technology Center was selected by the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme to plan and host the world’s largest conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies(GHGT-8). The conference was successfully organised at the NTNU-SINTEF campus June 19-22 2006 with 1000 participants from 47 countries – 430 papers presented
  • Prepared for EU’s 7th Framework Programme, including involvement in theTechnology platform “Zero Emission FossilFuel Power Plants”.
  • Finalized successfully a Research council-funded Strategic University Program:PSE – from Natural Gas to Energy and Materials Products (2002 –2006). The project was a catalyst for establishing the Gas Technology Center.

Better Resource Utilzation highlights

  • Three new doctorates in exploration andproduction graduated in 2006
  • New Research Council projects in Reservoir Simulation and 4D Seismics, in Improved Oil recovery, and real-timedrillinganalysis.
  • 80 publications and reports.
  • Long term collaboration agreements withNorsk Hydro, Statoil and BP renewed
  • A new building was added to the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics, including library,lecture rooms and control room facilities.
  • An MOU with Azerbaijan State Oil Academywas entered in 2006.
  • New collaborative projects aimed atdevelopingpetroleumeducation withAngola, Bangladesh and Mosambique,supported by NORAD (NOMA).
  • Student applications to the petroleums tudies programme at NTNU increased dramatically in 2006, and the fraction o fwomen students admitted exceeded for the first time 50%.

Energy and Society highlights

  • Three new projects funded by the Research council of Norway
  • 8 peer reviewed papers
  • 32 prentations at workshops and conferences
  • Achieved wide media coverage concerning a paper published showing how journalists and the news media present knowledge about climate change in a highly dramatised format (referred to in several leading newspapers, including Norway’s largest paper Verdens Gang).

Green Innovation highlights

  • Awarded an externally funded PhD scholarship and a PhD scholarship from NTNU
  • Initiated a strategic cooperation with the Norwegian Institute of Strategic Studies (NORISS)
  • Started development of a Centre for Applied Innovation Theory at NTNU
  • Generated several publications, lectures and interviews.

ENGAS highlights

  • The energy area is involved in three newly awarded “Centres of Research-based Innovation”(CRI), funded by the Research Council of Norway and industry: “Integratedoperation” (NTNU-SINTEF-IFE),“ Multiphase Flow Assurance” (IFESINTEF-NTNU) and “Innovative Natural Gas Processes and Products” (UiO-NTNU).
  • Presented activities to their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan during their visit to NTNU May 132005
  • The area participated in organising threeenergy related Innovation Norway seminarsduring ExPo 2005 in Aichi Japan
  • NTNU organized the renowned energyconference ECOS June 20-25, 2005
  • NTNU-SINTEF organized the “7th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Working Fluids” May 28-31, 2006, with 300 participants from 25 countries – 115 papers presented
  • Gas Technology Center NTNU-SINTEF organized IEAs “8th InternationalConferenceon Greenhouse Gas ControlTechnologies” (GHGT-8) June 19-22, with1000 participants (!) from 47 countries– 430 papers presented
  • August 2006 – Start up of MIT-NTNU research program on development of gas technology. The 18 million NOK program consists of three basic research projects, financed by Statoil, Hydro and Research Council of Norway
  • Contributed to “Polen 2006” by organising large Seminar on “Energyand Environment”October 18, 2006, with 120 participants from universities, research institutes and industry, within workshops on “Clean coal technology”, Gas technology”, “Renewable energy” and“Energy in Buildings”
  • September 6 to 8, 2006 NTNU organised the first KIFEE Symposium on Environment and Energy outside Japan– 150 participants and 51 presentations (KIFEE = Kyoto International Forum for Environment and Energy