Strategic Research Area 2014–2023


Energy from the sun, wind, offshore, the earth.The Centre for Renewable Energy

The Centre for Renewable Energy (SFFE) combines the competence of NTNU, SINTEF and IFE within the field of renewable energy, as well as initiating innovative and pertinent research tasks.

The Centre is virtual and has a coordinative and consultative function for the education and research groups within renewable energy.

Research at the Centre ranges from small-scale hydropower, wind power, solar energy, bioenergy, wave power, hydrogen as an energy carrier and heat pumps to the societal aspects of energy use.

The SFFE-network at NTNU, SINTEF and IFE involves around 200 scientific staff and 50 PhD students within the field of renewable energy.

More information:

Renewable Energy Activities (SFFE):

Research is being conducted with respect to a range of technologies and issues related to renewable energy:

Small scale hydropower

Wind power

Solar energy


Energy from the ocean

Thermal energy from the surroundings

Transportation (Hydrogen)

Societal aspects

Energy for development