EU' s Sixth Framework Programme


NTNU's ambitions concerning participation in the European research arena through the Framework Programmes are to participate in at least one Integrated Project (IP) or Network of Excellence (NoE) within each of NTNUs strategic focus areas. Furthermore, NTNU will seek to increase the overall participation in the Sixth Framework Programme compared to the Fifth.

Fifth Framework Programme

In the Fifth Programme Energy and the Environment participated in 12 projects, of which five were Marie Curie Training Sites for European doctoral students. EPRM received a total of 2,4 million € in the Fifth Programme.

Sixth Framework Programme

So far, the research communities in this focus area, hav five projects in the Sixth Programme:


Project title

In 1000 €


Enhanced Capture of CO2



Environmental Gas Management



Preparing for the hydrogen economy by using the
existing natural gas system as a catalyst




CO2 from Capture to storage



Further Improvement and System Integration of
HighTemperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane
Fuel Cells





The ENGAS project is of particular importance, and its Research Infrastructure (RI) status yields a European stamp-of-approval for the NTNU/SINTEF laboratory facilities and scientific competence in the field of climate gasses.


EU Framework projects at NTNU:

BRITA in PUBs: Bringing Retrofit Innovationto Application in Public Buildings, ( )

CASTOR: CO2 from Capture to Storage

CO2GeoNet: Network of Excellence inGeological Storage of CO2

CO2Remove: Geological storage of CO2

COACH: Co-operation Action within CCS EU-China

DYNAMIS: Towards Hydrogen and Electricity Production with CO2 Capture and Storage (Coordinator)

ECO-CITY: Joint Eco-City Developments inScandinavia and Spain,
( )

ENGAS: Environmental Gas Management Research Infrastructure (Coordinator)

ENCAP: Enhanced Capture of CO2 (Projectmanager)

EMINENT: Early Market Introduction ofNew Energy Technologies.

FOXY: Development of solar-grade siliconfeedstock for X wafers and cells.

FCTEDI: Fuel Cell test and disseminationnetwork, SSA-Strategic support action.

GreenNet-EU27: Guiding a Least CostGrid Integration of RES-Electricity in an extended Europe.

INCACO2: International Co-operation Actions on CO2 Capture and Storage

NATURALHY: Preparing for the hydrogen economy by using the existing natural gas system as a catalyst

NextGenBioWaste: Innovative demonstrations for the next generation of biomass and waste combustion plants.

PEP - Promotion of European PassiveHouses

PRIME - Policies for Research and Innovationin the Move towards the European Research Area (Network of excellence)

SEEWEC: Sustainable Economically Efficient Wave Energy Converter.

SISI: Silicon for solar cells at low costs onan intermediate scale.

ThermalNet: European Network forbiomasspyrolysis, gasification and combustion.

TREES: Training for Renovated EnergyEfficientSocial Housing,

ULCOS: Ultra Low CO2 Steel making

WAVESSG: Full-scale demonstration of robust and high-efficiency wave energy converter.

WILMAR: Wind Power Integration in Liberalized Electricity Markets.

ZEP: The Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants (two members)

3-NITY: 3-fold Initiative for Energy Planningand Sustainable Development at Local Level.