Research Council of Norway projects in 2005-2006:

aCOM, Cost Effective Utilization of Bioenergy:

Advanced Biomass and Waste Combustion
(RENERGI, SINTEF Energy Research, 2006-2008)

CO2 Management Technologies for Future Power Generation.

Demonstration of Chemical Looping Technology in Natural Gas Power Generationwith CO2 Capture.

Building markets, shaping policy:
The role of economics in energy policy and energy use

Centre for Research-based Innovation (CRI)
for e-field and Integrated Operations.

Climate knowledge on the road.

Deep sea offshore wind turbine technology:
(RENERGI (KMB), SINTEF Energy Research, 2007-)

Factor 4 Building Renovation (NFR/Norwegian State Housing Bank, variousindustry,SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, 2006-2009)

Efficient Hydrogen Liquefaction Processes:
Improving the energy efficiency for liquefaction.

Engineering Science for a Sustainable Future:
Institutionally Based Strategic Program (ISP) from Research Council of Norway – 16 PhDs and Postdoc Fellowships within "Energy fromthe North" and "Renewable Energy"

Enabling production of Remote Gas: Address the critical technology barriers related tofloatingproduction of natural gas from smaller fields through a coordinated effort byindustryand research institutions.

Offshore renewable energy:
Pilot project PhD-pool (RENERGI, 2005-)

Paradoxes of design:.
Aesthetication as a barrier to sustainable consumption

Preparing for a rainy day:
Configuring climate science for future society

Transportation systems, Hydrogenproduction and CO2 capture:
Research program MIT-NTNU on natural gas technology

Optimal Design and Operation of Gas Processing Plants:
Increase the value of natural gas bybetter operation and design of processing plants for natural gas

Technology development for integrated SOFC:
biomass gasification and high temperaturegas cleaning - Up-scaling and long term testing (RENERGI, NTNU, Johan E. Hustad, 2005-)