NTNU Technology Transfer AS

NTNU Technology Transfer AS is fully owned by The University of Science and Technology.

A Technology Transfer Office (TTO) communicates knowledge and contributes to the welfare of society through commercial utilization of scientific results. American and British universities were among the first to establish TTOs 10-15 years ago, of which many with substantial success.

NTNU Technology Transfer seeks to assist the university's researchers in developing their scientific results for commercial purposes.

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NTNU spin-off, ChapDrive AS, developed an hydrostatic gearbox to reduce the weight of wind and tidal turbines. Engaged on work on the world’s first power-producing tidal turbine installed by Hammerfest Strøm at Kvalsundet, Norway, he posed the question of an alternative to the traditional mechanical gearbox. He was told there was none. Read the rest of the article (pdf - TTO Annual Report)...