Energy and Indoor Environment

The Specialist Group’s activity focuses on resource economical indoor environments. The main objective is to generate a comfortable and safe indoor climate by means of efficient and appropriate climate systems. A high level overview of our numerous activities are can be found below.

Our objectives:

  • Efficient energy consumption in buildings
  • Indoor environment with satisfactory quality
  • Reduced strain on the outdoor environment

Our vision: To create buildings and installations which take into consideration the total energy and environmental system.


Energy consumption and supply

  • Heating and energy systems
  • Energy consumption and energy planning
  • Waterborne heating / heating from central heating-plants

Building automation

  • System simulation
  • Central operational control
  • Administration, operation, maintenance and development (FDVU)

Indoor climate and working environment

  • Indoor environment
  • Sanitation and residential hygiene
  • Applied heat pump engineering

Ventilation technology

  • Climate systems
  • Industrial ventilation
  • Fire and safety

Energy and Indoor Environment Group

For further information, contact:
Group manager: Hans Martin Mathisen
Tlf: +47 73 59 38 70

Hans Martin Mathisen