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Fluid Mechanics

Ill. floating particlesOur group focuses on both fundamental and applied research in fluid mechanics, and are organised into two research laboratories. The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory focuses on turbulent flows and hydrodynamics and the Water Power Laboratory hosts the Norwegian Hydropower Centre.

As a master or doctor degree student in our group, you become member of an international group with contacts all over the world, and can choose to specialize in several directions.

The Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology offer a PhD in Energy and Process Engineering where you can write a doctoral thesis connected to research and development carried out in our research group. The following large 5-year master degree programmes has courses and projects related to our areas of research: Energy and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering


Photo: James DawsonProfessor James Dawson, Head of research group

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Current EU research projects:

  • ERC Starting grant: Breaking the paradigm: A new approach to understanding and controlling combustion instabilities | Nicholas Worth

Current Norwegian research projects from the Research Council of Norway (NFR):

  • Boiling of multicomponent mixtures in confined geometries | Maria Fernandino
  • Casimir effect and van der Waals forces in multilayer systems | Iver H. Brevik
  • SPRAYICE - Characterization of Wave Impact Spray Generation for Better Prediction of Marine Icing on Structures | James Dawson
  • OSAS - Modeling of obstructive sleep apnea by fluid-structure interaction in the upper airways | Bernhard Müller
  • Particle transport and clustering in stratified turbulent flows | Helge Andersson
  • SIMCOFLOW - A Framework for complex 3D multiphase and multi physics flows | Stein Tore Johansen
  • Turbulence-plankton interactions. A mechanistic approach. | Helge Andersson
  • Water waves interacting with arbitrary shear currents in 3D | Simen A. Ådnøy Ellingsen


Main research collaborators: