Industrial Process Technology

This specialist group works with processes, systems and components for transport and end use of energy, together with industrial processing of raw materials. The main activities are within heat- and refrigeration engineering, natural gas and multiphase flow, and food industry.

Our laboratory activity is extensive and is an important part of our research activity. We have modern and large laboratories , which are used both in cooperation with industry and in the work of regular students and PhD students.

Heat- and refrigeration technology, components and systems

  • Systems and components for the process industry
  • Energy analysis
  • Process Integration
  • Refrigeration technology
  • Heat pump technology

Natural gas and multiphase flow

Food technology

  • Dewatering and drying
  • Cooling, freezing and defrosting
  • Fluidized systems

Industrial Process Technology Group

For further information, contact
Group manager: Trygve Eikevik
Tel: +47 73 59 39 21

Trygve Eikevik