Natural gas and multiphase flow

The gas chain covers a vast area of technology – from reservoir to end users in industry and households.

The Industrial Process group is especially focusing on transport (gas pipelines, multiphase flow technology) and processing for distribution (gas cleaning, separation and LNG).

Offshore LNG


When gas transport in pipelines is not suitable (long distances or small production volumes), transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the alternative. The "Snøhvit" field will be developed using subsea multiphase transport to shore, conversion to liquefied gas by a cooling process in a large LNG-plant, and then shipping to international LNG terminals. LNG has been an important research area for the Industrial Process group. The group has developed the cooling technology used for the new "Snøhvit" plant, and has also contributed with key personnel.

Working in the multiphase lab

Multiphase flow

Oil and gas flow from reservoirs to offshore or onshore processing plants occurs as multiphase flow. To secure safe and financially profitable field developments, the multiphase flow must be sufficiently controlled. The last 15 years Norway has been an internationally leading supplier of flow simulators for oil-gas pipeline networks. The Industrial Process group performs research within this area through laboratory experiments and development of numerical models.  Further information.

Contact person: Professor Ole Jørgen Nydal