Since it was established in 1908, the laboratory has focused on design, construction and testing of advanced rigs for research and education very often in co-operation with Norwegian industry. Together with SINTEF Energy Research we operate more than 6000m2 of floor space in 3 different buildings.

Our laboratory is divided in 8 units described below and contains 4 workshops with technicians having substantial expertise in building, instrumentation and operation of test rig facilities. A well developed laboratory infrastructure and a number of dedicated laboratory employees ensures that we are able to carry out many different laboratory research projects for our customers, which are in-house students (diploma/PhD work) and Norwegian and foreign industry.

We arrange laboratory exercises/courses for undergraduates and play an important role in the recruitment of new students to NTNU by arranging guided tours with hands-on demonstration of our experimental and research activities.

Thermal Laboratory

Thermal Buliding

Fluids Laboratory

Fluids building

Waterpower Laboratory




Key Contact

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Laboratory Manager:
Morten Grønli (e-mail)