Energy and Indoor Environment Laboratory

The Energy and Indoor Environment Laboratory is equipped with several rigs and test facilities for doing research within heating, ventilation and air conditioning:


The full-scale ventilation and climatisation test room is used for testing ventilation equipment like supply air terminal devices and room heating devices. Two of the walls in the room are connected to a neighbour room that can be cooled down to minus 15°C to simulate outdoor conditions. The floor area of the room is 8 times 9 metres and the ceiling height is 3.9 metres.



The small scale flow test room is equipped with 2D and 3D model that can be used for studies of ventilation problems in industrial halls, road tunnels an so on. The room has a permanent air supply and exhaust system. The 3D model is still under construction.



  • Illustrasjonsbilde/FOTOThe ventilation filter test rig is a so called ASHRAE test rig that can be used for standardized test of ventilation filters with regard to particle precipitation efficiency and life span testing
  • The outdoor ventilation test rig is mounted on the roof of the laboratory and is used for testing the life span of filters under conditions with real outdoor air. 12 filters can be tested simultaneously. It can also be used for testing air intake grilles and their ability to prevent snow and water entrainment into air intakes.


  • Illustrasjonsbilde/FOTOThe artificial sun is a test rig that can be used for testing the efficiency of solar collectors. It has an input power of 36 kW.
  • The water entrainment test rig for air intakes can be used for testing how efficient grilles prevent rain from entering into the air intake. It uses a fan for simulating wind and spray nozzles produce water droplets that simulate rain.