Subsea Working Group

– Department of Energy and Process Engineering

Here you can find information on laboratories and research activities at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering (EPT), relating to subsea oil-gas processing systems. The technology area of subsea processing is large. The laboratories and research groups at EPT have been specializing in the following areas:

The subsea related research groups have formed a "working group" which will coordinate the internal activities at EPT and which will facilitate the contact with the industry.

The reserach areas are approached from a mechanical engineering point of view, where the base disciplines are thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, systems engineering and rotating machinery. The research activities have an applied direction. 


The laboratories are the cornerstones of our research activities. It is also our intention to forward the experimental research results through computational models. The combination of experimental work and modeling is important.

The main laboratories of the Working Group are located in the same building (see map):


Organization of Working Group

The Working Group is esablished in 2013 with a decentralized organization, and with an umbrella type of structure.  Working Group meetings will include presentation and discussion of all activities.


External parties can discuss participation directly with each laboratory, see the links to the right for more information, and for contact details.