Thermal Energy Group

Teaching and scientific research within thermal processes for energy conversion. Our technical basis comprise classic thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mass and heat transfer, combustion and thermophysical properties. We work with both theoretical and experimental approaches.The laboratory is central for these activities.

Our vision is:

  • contribute to maintain knowledge and to develop new knowledge within the area of thermal processes for energy conversion.
  • educate Master- (5 years) and Dr.Ing.-candidates (+3 years)
  • teach on a high international level in both basic and applied courses
  • base the teaching on scientific research activities
  • carry out scientific research on a high international level
  • communicate results form the research activity and other technical knowledge, both nationally and internationally
  • offer industry, other businesses and public institutions knowledge-based services


What are the applications we work with?

Thermal Energy Group

For further information, contact:
Group manager: Terese Løvås,
Phone: +47 73 59 37 09

Terese Løvås