Functional genomics

FUGE in mid-Norway

The successful mapping of the genomes of humans and certain animals, plants and micro-organisms has opened new doors for scientists studying biological processes called functional genomics (FUGE).

Landmark technology has made it possible to study tens of thousands of genes and proteins simultaneously. Functional genomics make use of this technology to study the function of specific genes, their protein products and how they affect each other. This novel knowledge will give a new basic understanding of biological processes in addition to being a source for new products and production processes. Functional genomics will be of significance in several social structures and become important for industry and commerce in the future.

In 2000, there was an initiative to set up a national plan to make Norway attractive for functional genomics research. As a result FUGE was established through the Large-scale Programmes from the Research Council of Norway.

For further information about FUGE see the website at the Research Council of Norway, especially.


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