Interested in functional genomics?

Alternative ways to study functional genomics at NTNU

Both master's and PhD studies within functional genomics can be done at different faculties at NTNU.

At the Faculty of Medicine (DMF) you can study medicine and by doing research training take a PhD at the faculty. The Faculty of Natural Science and Technology (NT) offers master's courses in biotechnology, cell biology and molecular biology which all have projects in functional genomics. Bioethics can be studied at the Faculty of Arts (SVT) and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management (HF). While the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (IME) offer FUGE-related studies in bioinformatics.

  • You will find a list of faculties and departments that offer projects in functional genomics at master and PhD level here.

  • You will find an overview of basic subjects in functional genomics offered at NTNU here .