Functional genomics

National technology platforms in FUGE

Functional genomics require advanced and costly technology that constantly are under development. The FUGE platforms offer services within these techniques and below is an overview of the nodes in mid-Norway.

BioCore - Bioinformatics Core Facility - Leader: Prof. Finn Drabløs (IKM/DMF)
Available services at the node in Trondheim:

  • Data analysis based on evolutionary methods
  • Very fast search methods
  • Sequence analysis, fold recognition, homology modelling

PROMEC - Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility - Leader: Prof. Geir Slupphaug (IKM/DMF)
Services available at the node:

  • Identification of proteins separated by 1D/2D-PAGE
  • Identification of different post-translational modifications
  • De-novo sequencing
  • 2D-DIGE -analysis
  • Training in protein identification

Subcellular Interactions and Imaging - Leader: Prof. Catharina de Lange Davies (IFY/NT)
The subcelluar imaging node offer advanced microscopy facilities:

  • several confocal laser scanning microscopes
  • multiphoton microscopy
  • fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  • total internal reflection microscopy
  • atomic force microscopy.

MR - Core Facility - Leader: Prof. Olav Haraldseth (ISB/DMF)
This node are doing MR imaging and/or spectroscopy projects related to functional genomics on the small animal scanner in Trondheim.

GCF - Genomics Core Facility - Leader: prof. Arne Sandvik (IKM/DMF)
This node is a part of the NTNU Genomics resource center .

Services available:

  • NMC in-house spotted microarrays
  • Custom microarrays service
  • Scanning service
  • Expression profiling service (RNA-in-DATA out)
  • Genomic profiling service (DNA-in DATA out)
  • Bioinformatic service

Plant Transcriptional Analysis Center - Leader: Prof. Atle Bones (IBI/NT)
The node offers:

  • Microarray analysis by the use of a semi-automatic hybridization station and Agilent microarray scanner.
  • RNA isolation.
  • Grow plants in environmentally controlled growth cabinets.

Biobanks - Leader: Prof. Kristian Hveem (ISM/DMF)
The biobank store blood samples and prepare biologic material to approved research projects.


If you wish to know more about the national technology platforms please refer to the Research Council of Norway's website.