Functional genomics

FUGE II projects

Research projects in mid-Norway in the FUGE II periode:

  • "The roles of microRNAs and transcription factors in gene regulation and tissue specific expression ". Project leader: Pål Sætrom (IKM, NTNU)
  • "The Interactomics of DNA Repair". Project leader: Geir Slupphaug (IKM, NTNU)
  • "Pathogenesis of complex genetic diseases, using pre-eclampsia as a model". Project leader: Rigmor Austgulen (IKM, NTNU)
  • "Translational Research in Lung Cancer and Palliative Care - from genomics to symptom control". Project leader: Stein Kaasa (IKM, NTNU)
  • "Understanding brain systems by cell type-specific changes in gene expression". Project leader: Edvard Moser (INM, NTNU)
  • "Membrane trafficking in immunity and tumour suppression". Project leader:Terje Espevik (IKM, NTNU)
  • "Advanced MR imaging, MR metabolomics, proteomics and genetic mapping of breast cancer - Clinical tools for personalized patient treatment". Project leader: Ingrid Gribbestad (ISB, NTNU)
  • "A systems biology approach to modelling og plant signalling and host defence". Project leader: Atle Bones (IBI, NTNU)
  • "Systemsbiology of a genetically engineered Pseudomonas flourescens with inducible exo-polysaccaride production: analysis of the dynamics and robustness of metabolic networks". Project leader: Svein Valla (IBT, NTNU)
  • "Global metabolic switching in Strepromyces coelicolor". Project leader: Trond Ellingsen (SINTEF)

GenoFish is a national platform within functional genomics in fish. Mid Norway have research activities related to GenoFish and includes:

  • Fishgenetics, NINA - (Senior scientist Kjetil Hindar)
  • Marine fish larvae and microbial interactions (Prof. Olav Vadstein)
  • Developmental biology, aquaculture and nutrition in marine og ernæring i marine species (associate professor Elin Kjørsvik)
  • Molecular and cellular toxicology, and reproductive biology in marine fish (associate professor Augustine Arukwe)
  • Fish larvae - bacterial interactions SINTEF - (Senior scientist Kjell Inge Reitan)