Gemini Centres

NTNU and SINTEF have established a wide range of Gemini Centres. Scientific groups with parallel interests coordinate their scientific efforts and jointly operate their resources.

The objective of the Gemini Centres is to develop large scientific groups of higher quality than either of the partners could manage to build up on its own. There is an international demand for first-class scientific groups on the part of both project sponsors and students. For this reason, the Gemini Centres have adopted the following vision: «To be an international joint force at the leading edge of research».

Gemini Centres

Materials and Energy
Contact: Geir M. Haarberg

Road and Transport
Contact: Harald Norem

Energy and Climatixation in Buildings
Contact: Sten Olaf Hanssen

Applied Refridgeration
Contact: Trygve Eikevik

Marine Structural Engineering
Contact: Stig Berge

Electrical Energy and Energy Systems
Contact: Halsten Aastebøl

Robust Materials Selection and Design - Offshore Applications
Contact: Roy Johnsen

Acoustic Researc Center
Contact: Peter Svensson

Underground Technology
Contact: Terje Malvik and Asbjørn Hovd

Health Services Research
Contact: Jon Magnussen

Better Resource Utilization of Oil and Gas - BRU
Contact: Martin Landrø

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) - TEM Gemini Centre
Contact: Randi Holmestad

Fisheries Technology
Contact: Harald Ellingsen

Sustainable Architecture and Property (pdf)
Contact: Geir K. Hansen

PV-Solar Cell Materials
Contact: Otto Lohne and Turid W. Reenaas

Advanced Robotics
Contact: Terje Lien

KinCat - Petrochemistry and Catalysis
Contact: Anders Holmen

Medical Microbiology
Contact: Kåre Bergh

Reliability and Safety Studies - ROSS
Contact: Marvin Rausand and Jan Hovden


NTNU works closely with SINTEF, the largest independent research institute in Scandinavia. SINTEF draws technological expertise to Trondheim.

NTNU and SINTEF cooperate on staff, equipment, laboratories and research. This partnership started over 50 years ago and has resulted in many advances for society.

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