TEM Gemini Centre currently has 5 TEMs: a JEOL double corrected ColdFEG ARM200F (2013), a JEOL 2100F (2013), a JEOL 2100 (2013), a Philips CM30 (1989) and a JEOL 2010 (1993). The new JEOL machines are included in a JEOL Competence Centre. We have a well equipped sample preparation lab and computing facilties.

The three Jeol TEMs installed in 2103 are part of the NORTEM project. Together they cover a broad range of techniques and access levels. The 2100 is our entry machine and target on conventional TEM techniques, and it has a GIF, a SDD EDX and scanning unit. The 2100F is optimized for STEM and HREM. In addition, it has an ASTAR orientation mapping set-up and is our main machine for electron tomography. The ARM200F has a large angle EDX, a fast EELS set-up and has both probe and image correction. This machine, placed in a conditioned room, is targetting at the highest performance currently available. More information about the NORTEM machines in Trondheim.

The JEOL 2010 at DMSE is an electron microscope facility that supports NTNU's multi- disciplinary materials science research, with main focus on DMSE PhD research activities on metallic materials. In addition it is used to assist research activities done at other NTNU departments. Over the last years there has been an increased focus on characterisation of functional materials, catalysts and nanostructured materials. More information about the JEOL 2010.

The CM30 is now 25 years old and still performing well. We want to keep it ‘alive' as long as possible, also now after the NorTEM machines have become operational. More information about the CM30.

The group has a broad range of specimen preparation equipment for different materials and geometries. We have for many years worked systematically to establish the Tripod polishing technique for cross section TEM specimens. More information about the sample preparation lab.

The computing facility has several computers with an assortment of analytical software. More information about the computing facilities.

Information about using the TEMs can be found at the Using the facilities page.