Norwegian Centre for Transmission Electron Microscopy (NORTEM)

NORTEM Trondheim node offers autumn 2013

Intensive TEM introduction course, 6 to 8 November 2013

We will this year again organize a short introduction course in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) useful for everyone interested in TEM for their research. The TEM introduction course will be intensive over three full days with 6-7 two-hours lectures and practical training/lab/demo at the new NORTEM microscopes.


Topics covered are basic aspects of TEM for physics and materials science research

  1. Introduction to electron microscopy
  2. (S)TEM instrumentation
  3. Electron diffraction
  4. Contrast mechanisms in TEM (BF/DF/HREM)
  5. Short intro to analytical techniques as energy dispersive and electron energy loss spectroscopy

We invite and recommend PhD and Master students who want to be introduced to TEM to participate in this course! SINTEF researchers who are involved in projects with TEM are also invited to participate! If interested, also people from industry are invited to come.


Registration form for intensive TEM introduction course, 6.-8. November 2013

For those interested in taking the introduction course, please fill out the enclosed registration form before October 20. 2013. The number of participants will be limited to 18. More people can attend the lectures. In case of high interest, people will be selected based on the information in the registration form. You can contact us if you have further questions or suggestions for these courses.

Contact: Ton van Helvoort, John Walmsley, Randi Holmestad

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The course is supported by "Tematisk satsningsområde Materialer"

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