Mirror, mirror on the wall, who´s most powerful of them all?

– Gender as a symbolic and social structure in organizations

Mirror, mirror is a four year research project (2013-2016) funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The project team consists of renowned Norwegian gender researchers, together with an international network of prominent scholars. The project will also include PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.

The primary goal of the Mirror, mirror project is to explore the cultural and social dynamics of gender in influential sectors of society, such as the financial elite, the petroleum industry and the military. What is it about gender, power, and leadership that create a situation wherein men continue to be the leaders of powerful organizations, and how can one think politically about it? Read more...



The Gendered Dynamics of Power

26 March 2015 the Mirror Mirror project, in collaboration with partners at the Department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck, University of London, will host a one-day conference in London titled The Gendered Dynamics of Power.

The Conference aims to explore how power continues to operate in a gendered way despite decades of feminist critique. It focuses especially on relational and organisational contexts, and deploys psychosocial and psychodynamic concepts and practices to advance understanding of what sustains and what might subvert these gendered dynamics.

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The Glass Ceiling : Metaphor and Mechanisms

In cooperation with CORE - Center for Research on Gender Equality and the women´s network GroNett, Mirror Mirror is organizing a conference on the Glass Ceiling in Trondheim, June 15.-16.

The Glass Ceiling is a contested metaphor for describing vertical segregation in organizations. During a one-day open conference (in English) and a following research seminar (in Nordic languages) the Glass Ceiling will be critically scrutinized. Does it make sense to keep using the concept? If so - what does the Glass Ceiling consist of? Men hindering women? Women´s lack of confidence? Biased recruitment processes? Incompatible requirements for combining family and top positions? Is the Glass Ceiling psychological, practical, biological, structural, cultural... or all this and even more?

Please find the conference program and call for papers here, or download the call here.

Abstracts of maximum 500 words can be submitted to glasstak@hf.ntnu.no by February 1st 2015.


The Gendered Dynamics of Power, 26 March 2015

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Joint event between Mirror, Mirror and members of the Department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck, University of London.


Project manager: Agnes Bolsø  

Project coordinator: Siri Øyslebø Sørensen E-mail: siri.sorensen@ntnu.no Phone: +4773598259

Postal address: Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, NTNU, N-7491 Trondheim, Norway