Information for exchange students at the Department of Geography

– Autumn 2016 & spring 2017

Some of the courses have admission restrictions.

Bachelor level courses taught in English:

GEOG2002 - North/South Relations

GEOG2007 - Effects of Climate Change

GEOG2009 - Vector Based GIS *

Master level courses taught in English:

GEOG3005 - Qualitative Methods

GEOG3006 - Quantitative Methods

GEOG3030 - Natural Resourses Management

GEOG3053 - Discourses of Development and Globalization

GEOG3101 - Innovation and Regional Development

GEOG3506 - Geography, Health and Developement

GEOG3515 - Environment, Developement and Changing Rural Livelihoods

GEOG3516 - Humanitarianism: Theory and Practice

GEOG3517 - Social Difference, Identity and Place 

GEOG3518 - Knowledge Management in a Global Economy

GEOG3522 - Migration and Development

GEOG3523 - GIS Data Capture and Mapping

GEOG3524 - Raster Based GIS *

GEOG3525 - Landscape, Planning and Management


Please note the following changes for the academic year 2017/2018 - autumn 2017 and spring 2018:

*GEOG2009 Vector Based GIS will be not be offered

*GEOG3524 Rasted Based GIS will not be offered

GEOG3526 GIS: Geographical Information System will be lectured for the first time autumn 2017

GEOG3527 GIS Tools for Climate Change Studies will be lectured for the first time spring 2018




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