PhD projects at Department of Geography


Silje Aurora Andresen: 
PhD Project Title: Climate Change and Natural Hazards – From Mapping Vulnerability to Assessing Resilience

Sigurd Nielsen:
PhD Project Title: Participation and justice in "A world at stake"

Alexander S. Dodge: 
PhD Project Title: Cultures of Knowledge Sharing in Global Innovation Networks

Hilde Refstie:
PhD Project Title: From noise to voice - Action research with informal settlement groups and their support organizations in Malawi

Sam A. Kasimba:
PhD Project Title: Transparency and Accountability in Managing High Value Natural Resource Revenues - A case of Benefit Sharing Trust Funds (BSTF)

Levon Epremian:
PhD Project Title:


Sabrina Scherzer:
PhD project title: Quantifying community resilience to natural hazards in Norway

Silje Mathisen:
PhD Project Title:


Thomas Sætre Jakobsen:
PhD Project Title: