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Workshop: The values of aquaculture: What is the proce of growth?

From 21 - 22 November 2013 at Rica Nidelven hotel.

Invited participants only.


Globalization News


New pubication from Ragnar Torvik

Ragnar Torvik's latest paper entitled 'The need for enemies' ,co-authored with L. Fergusson (Universidad de los Andes), J. A. Robinson (Harvard University) and J.F. Vargas (Universidad del Rosario), is featured in the editorial of a Colombian news magazine El Espectador. This is one of Colombia's largest magazines, with 700,000 weekly. For google translation of the editorial click here.

You will also find a press release of the paper here: http://www.180.com.uy/articulo/28832_Alvaro-Uribe-y-la-necesidad-del-enemigo

Globalization in the media

Natural resources are not really a course at all: says Christa Brunnschweiler (Globalization post doctoral fellow and researcher at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). See review on The Economist

Given the significant uncertainties about developments in the world economy and the dilemma of how to balance various risks, it is difficult to argue that Norges Bank has made any  major mistakes. But it should be more independent institution – Says the independent evaluation committee lead by Professor Ragnar Torvik (leader of the Globalization Research Programme). See review on E24

The United States arms most dictatorship: Interview with globalization researcher Professor Indra de Soysa on ScienceNordic (an online news magazine covering research in the Nordic countries)

Globalization research featured at CNN