NTNU Globalization Research Programme


PhD Course

Deliberating Controversies in Globalization Theory, Methodology and Ethics

This PhD research course will critically examine some conceptual theoretical, methodological, and ethical issues in globalization studies. These issues include conceptualizing ‘globalization', naturalist and constructivist approaches to globalization research, global justice and democracy, ethics in international research, and the role of information and communication technology (ICT) in globalization processes.

Some of the invited lecturers include: Thomas Pogge (Yale University), Jan Aart Scholte (University of Warwick), Torbjörn Tännsjö (Stockholm University), Gustaf Arrhenius (Stockholm University), Ruth Macklin (Albert Einstein College of Medicine). 

Contact person: Professor May Thorseth and Allen Alvarez



Master of Science in Globalization

NTNU Globalization Programme has launched a Master Programme in Globalization in autumn 2007.

Are you interested in gaining a profound understanding of the dynamics and effects of globalization within an interdisciplinary framework?

Would you like to study global value chains and manufacturing processes?

Would you like to understand the political and cultural consequences of increasing global inter-connectedness?

Then this MSc Programme in Globalization might be of interest to you.

During this two-year Master's programme in Globalization, you will explore the interrelations between the economic, technological, cultural, social and political dimensions of globalization.

You will choose between two specialisations:

  • Global Technology Management
  • Global Politics and Culture

You will find more information on the Master of Science in Globalization here