NTNU Globalization Research Programme

Globalization Working Papers

The Globalization research program's working paper series is focused on relevant research on globalization and aims to bring theoretical and empirical discussions in the field in an accessible manner to both the scholarly and policy communitees. The working paper series aims to highlight the ongoing research at NTNU and various affiliate networks.

GWP Series 01/2011

Rune Slettebak (NTNU)

Natural disasters and social unrest in India                        

GWP Series 02/2011

Shanila Athulathmudali, Amila Balasuriya, Karin Fernando and Ragnhild Lund

An exploratory study on adapting to climate change in coastal areas of Sri Lanka

GWP Series 03/2011

Edward M. Crenshaw, Kristopher K. Robison and J. Craig Jenkins

All the world's a stage:How Globalization of media and civil society are affecting contentious politics