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Researchers discussing at the Gunnerus Library in Trondheim. Photo.

2017 June 21

‘Love and Alcaeus’

Gyldendal norsk forlag, Oslo

Thea Selliaas Thorsen, NTNU

2017 June 21

‘Translating Terence' Eunuch into Norwegian verse’

Gyldendal norsk forlag, Oslo

Iris Brecke, NTNU

2017 April 7

‘Roman love: The case of Horace’


Lecture by Stephen Harrison, University of Oxford and NTNU

2017 February 3

Master-class with Dr. Daniel Orrells, King's College London

Suhm-huset, kl. 13

The project group, NTNU.

2017 February 2

‘Å overvinne døden: Orfevs og kristendommen’

Sellanraa, Litteraturhuset i Trondheim, kl. 19

Presentation, Peter Astrup Sundt, NTNU.

2016 September 28

‘Homoerotisk poetikk, heteroseksuell tradisjon’

Forskningsrådets festaften

Presentation, Thea Selliaas Thorsen, NTNU.

2016 June 14

‘The heterosexual tradition of homoerotic poetics’

Corpus Christi College Centre for the Study of Greek and Roman Antiquity, Oxford

Presentation, Thea Selliaas Thorsen, NTNU.

2016 June 11

‘Greek and Roman literature: The erotic connection’

Conference, Oxford, Corpus Christi College

In many ways, the concept of love in Catullus and the Roman love elegists seems unprecedented. At the same time, its immense success in the following centuries has rendered it so widespread and common that we have difficulties in seeing how new once it was. Or was it? This conference explores concepts of love in Greek and Roman literature, poetry as well as prose, including Greek literature written in the Roman era. What is similar in concepts of love in the pre-Roman and Roman periods? What appears different? What can be regarded as continuities and what as breaks? These are questions that we will explore during this conference, which will explore Greek and Latin authors, ranging from Homer to Ovid.


Greek and Roman literature: the erotic connection

10.15 Coffee and registration

1st session, chair Thea S. Thorsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

10.45 Richard Hunter, University of Cambridge: ‘Allegories of love’

11.30 Benjamin Acosta-Hughes, Ohio State University: ‘There Falls A Lone Tear: Longing for a Vanished Love. Tracing an Erotic Motif from Homer to Ovid’

12.15 Boris Kayachev, Trinity College, Ireland: ‘Gallus as Acontius? An elegy ascribed to Gallus (AL 914) and Callimachus’ Acontius aition’

13.00   Lunch

2nd session, chair Thea S. Thorsen (NTNU)

14.00 Alison Sharrock, University of Manchester: ‘amans et egens and exclusus amator – the connection (or otherwise) between comedy and elegy’

14.45 Iris Brecke, NTNU: ‘Rape and violence from Terence to Ovid’s elegies’

15.30 Alison Keith, University of Toronto: ‘Philodemus and the Augustan Poets’

16.15   Coffee/Tea

3rd session, chair Stephen Harrison, University of Oxford

16.45 Aaron Palmore, Ohio State University: ‘Originality and Tradition in Horace, Odes 4.10’

17.30 Thea S. Thorsen, NTNU: ‘Greek and Latin grammars of affection, two cases’

18.15 Thea S. Thorsen: Closing remarks

18.30 End

Each talk lasts approximately thirty minutes followed by a fifteen minutes discussion.


Thea S. Thorsen and Stephen Harrison

2016 April 8

‘Roman love: The case of Vergil’


Lecture by Stephen Harrison, University of Oxford and NTNU

2016 March 11

'Forspill: Ars amandi – Kunsten å elske'


Lecture by Thea Selliaas Thorsen, NTNU


2016 March 9

'Ovids elskovsdikt'


Lecture by Thea Selliaas Thorsen, NTNU

2016 January 31

'Pygmalion: mannen og myten'


Lecture by Thea Selliaas Thorsen, NTNU

Researchers studying and discussing old books. Photo.

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