Interdisciplinary research areas at the Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities has established three interdisciplinary research areas, to encourage research collaboration across the various departments and academic areas at the faculty.

The interdisciplinary research areas for the period of 01.08.2009-31.07.2012 are:

The research areas will contribute to the improvement of academic quality, encourage larger research projects, and help strengthen the profile of the faculty, departments and academic areas.

Our specific objectives are:

- Increased scientific publication through valid journals and publishers
- Developing research projects with the intention to apply for external funding, both at home and abroad
- Strengthening the academic quality of PhD applications, in order to contribute to increased competition for available positions, particularly within areas where an increase in the number of PhD candidates is crucial
- The integration of PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows into an active research environment, which would contribute to completion of projects and improve the time and degree of completion
- Increased internationalization of research within the interdisciplinary research area

Work within the three areas will commence in the fall of 2009. Watch this space for more information on program declarations, management, organization and activities.